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Happy oOps! Logo
Happy oOps! Logo

happy oOps! is a collaboration between happy accidents and oOps! an Art Experience where a growth mindset story like happy accidents will be read to connect literacy to the arts. Artists ages 6 – 12 will then create a painting using open-ended prompts. Proceeds of every happy oOps! event will help sponsor children in homeless shelters to have their own happy oOps! painting experience while helping to employ a person with disabilities. Click here to visit the happy accidents site.


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Amy Green Carter is an artist & art educator.  She studied Art Education, painting, and Art History at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and received her Masters in Curriculum & Instruction through the Arts from Lesley University.  She has been teaching Kindergarten to 5th grade Visual Arts since 2006, now in West Springfield, MA. Amy was the recipient of the 2017 Elementary Art Teacher of the year from the Massachusetts Art Education Association.